Volume 11, Issue 1 "Embryospeak"

 Ken Drury, Ph.D., Editor 

Please welcome the inaugural edition of the Journal of Clinical Embryology (JCE). I will not call it an historical moment (although it may well be), but it is an important transition for this publication. For many years it has filled a large void in the assisted reproductive laboratory environment through the dissemination of important and specialized articles expressly created for the clinical ART and research community. It now will take on a much more expanded role. Our previous newsletter, The Clinical Embryologist, embodied the essence of the lone ART laboratory embryologist tucked away in the recesses of the “inner” lab, between the CO2 incubators and the micromanipulation station, reading the latest issue of the journal which was packed with the most up-to-date and useful information pertaining to culture conditions and laboratory function. This has changed dramatically now with the ascension of the JCE to journal status and in becoming the official journal of the College of Reproductive Biology (CRB) in conjunction with the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB). There is now critical mass in the combination of clinical embryologists and reproductive biologists which will greatly enhance the laboratory’s communication with the greater ART community. At the same time, JCE will be able to cover not only ART laboratory issues but also CRB organizational activities, as well as, pertinent scientific endeavors contributed by your colleagues. Within this current issue, you will be presented with the perspectives shared by those involved in the organizations participating in the effort of creating this new publication. AAB officials give us an eye-opening historical view of the energy expended and efforts involved in building an organization specifically tailored to the needs of the clinical embryologist and their national certification requirements (no mean feat). Officers of the CRBalso reflect on that organization’s activities and goals in raising awareness of the benefits for all ART laboratory employees and researchers which will be made available through contributions to the JCE. Committee members of the CRB Regulatory Task Force (RTF) describe their mandate to research, interpret and assist members in dealing with governmental regulations affecting the ART field. The JCE publisher, Mr. Fred Zander, who has been deeply involved and committed to serving the needs of embryologists, and indeed all infertility practitioners for many years, conveys his thoughts on the past and future of the Newsletter/Journal. These perspectives should give the reader a greater understanding and appreciation for the foundation of support andthe guiding vision that has led to the growth of our journal.How many of you have ever thought about liability issues that could impact what you do on a daily basis? You may be interested to read in our featured article how your present location might relate to those liabilities. Dwight Ryan Nancy Ledy-Gurren and Kathleen A. Miller BS, TS, tell you about the Liability For the Loss of Cryopreserved Embryos. As sometimes happens, the editor misses a key piece of information and ends up writing an erratum. Read the latest concerning the “hidden Figure” from the article by Dr. Michael Reed published in volume 10 #4, 2007.Readers are always encouraged to contribute comments, observations and articles to the Journal of Clinical Embryology. E-mail the editor at embryospeak@bellsouth.net.

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