WEBSITES for Embryologists

Welcome to Embryo News! 

A unique website where many different aspects of embryology and the laboratory side of IVF can be found all on one site.

In vitro fertilization, embryo transfer, embryology, IVF news, IVF jobs, IVFmail, fertility clinics & infertility links.


Quality Assurance and Education for IVF

Innovative Cryo Enterprises (I.C.E)

Your source for vitrification and cryopreservation information

Videos for the Scientific Community

Providing a service for scientists, academic institutions and companies, enables users to upload, view and share the latest videos from the world of science.


The spread of knowledge in in reproductive Sciences and technology sharing in the scientific community.


The training for assessment of sperms, oocytes and embryos 

Academy of Clinical Embryologists (ACE-India)

Supports the professional & academic interests of embryologists working in India

Our IvF Laboratory

The planning and construction of our new IVF laboratory and office.