Editor’s Corner: “EmbryoSpeak” – The Zen of “OMICS”

<h3>Editor’s Corner: “EmbryoSpeak” – The Zen of “OMICS”</h3>

Dear Readers,

Now, I would like to ask all of you to take a moment and place the two fore-fingers of each hand to your respective temples, close your eyes, and begin to hummm “Oooooomics”. Shortly thereafter, you will have an amazing experience. You will see, in your minds eye, a slowly rotating double helix segment of DNA taking form in three dimensional space and time. This is the power of the newly applied “Oooooomics”, and we will see in this issue of The Clinical Embryologist exactly how the new omics are impacting the ART laboratory.

Omics has taken over the entire concept of modern…
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