CRB Abstract: Microsecure Vitrification (μS-Vtf) of Mouse Blastocysts


CRB Abstract: Microsecure Vitrification (μS-Vtf) of Mouse Blastocysts: Comparison to S3 Vitrification Using 0.25 Ml Straws or Cryopettes®

Previously, we validated a novel VTF technique in the mouse model (Schiewe and Fahy, 2008), that we now refer to as a microSecure (μS) device. In combination with the S3 VTF system (Stachecki et al., 2008), the μS-VTF system offers sterility and security using FDA compliant devices, in addition to being safe, simple and successful in clinical application. The aim of this study was to confirm the effectiveness of the μS-VTF system compared to the S3-VTF system, and to test the technical efficacy of the new Cryopette® (CP) device….
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