MicroSecure Vitrification (μS-VTF) Procedure


MicroSecure Vitrification (μS-VTF) Procedure: Optimum simplicity, security, cost-savings and effectiveness combining FDA-approved products

A pioneering scientific breakthrough in embryo cryopreservation called “vitrification” (VTF) occurred in a series of experiments conducted in a cold room at the American Red Cross in Bethesda, MD in the mid-1980’s (Fahy et al., 1984; Rall & Fahy, 1985; Fahy, 1986). Using highly concentrated solutes and cryoprotective agents, a “metastable glass phase” could be achieved without ice crystal formation (i.e., vitrification) under rapid cooling conditions (>100°C/ min) in LN2. The third generation of vitrification solutions (VS3a), a 6.5M glycerol-based VS, developed by William Rall was effectively applied to mouse and…
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