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Cleanroom Alpha

It was mid-year 1994 and things were not getting any better. The year before, we could not have asked for anything more perfect, and now, as the old expression says, “Everything was going to hell in a hand basket.” But we digress. Let us start from the beginning.

G. William Bates had hired one of us (WRB) to come back home to South Carolina from Wisconsin to set up an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) laboratory in Greenville.

WRB started work on September 9, 1990, and the practice immediately started to perform intrauterine inseminations in the office behind Burger King on Faris Road – 8 Memorial Drive, to be exact. This was only a temporary office because Memorial Medical Office Building, next to Greenville Memorial Hospital, was not complete. As a matter of fact, it was WRB’s responsibility to design the Andrology Laboratory that was to be the centerpiece of the practice in the new building.

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