JCE15:4 Fertility Clinic Sued for Allegedly Using Sperm Without Man’s Consent


Fertility Clinic Sued for Allegedly Using Sperm Without Man’s Consent

A recent lawsuit filed against a fertility clinic brings to light the fact that IVF clinics need to be wary of patients who bring in  sperm specimens produced outside the clinic. In this article, we review a pending lawsuit against a fertility clinic filed by a man who alleges that the clinic used his sperm without his consent to perform IVF on a woman who misrepresented herself to be the man’s wife, resulting in the birth of twin boys. The man is suing the IVF facility for child support payment for the twins, mental anguish, and punitive damages. This legal case emphasizes the importance of fertility clinics’ having systems in place to assure a proper chain of custody for sperm specimens used in assisted reproduction. This case also illustrates the legal problems a fertility clinic can face when patients are permitted to bring in sperm specimens produced outside the clinic.


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